I am a municipal politician from Vantaa, public health nurse, cultural and social awareness trainer, and master student of administrative sciences. I’ve been a member of the social and health board of City of Vantaa, party council of the Greens in Finland, and the board of Green Women.

I am running for the city council of Vantaa in the 2021 elections. My Vantaa is healthy, job-creating, green and appealing, and equality promoting frontrunning city. Does your Vantaa look the same?

I believe that better city services benefit all the residents. Vantaa should not only settle for providing the bare minimum required by the law. Better services create a positive spiral through healthier and more well-being residents and through more appealing city.

Vantaa has been hit severely by the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic foundation of the city has been shook. However, Vantaa is superbly positioned as the nexus of the international and Finnish business. By encouraging start up entrepreneurship, business acceleration and innovation and by helping to connect job providers with job seekers Vantaa can quickly recover back to its growth track.

Vantaa is converging steadily towards the carbon neutrality target of 2030. While there’s still work to do, Vantaa has all the necessary tools to get there. Investments to public transport for example must be coupled with efficient urban planning.

Equality measures are put to practice in the municipalities. Vantaa must take zero tolerance approach and utilize all applicable measures to put a stop for discrimination, all aspects of violence, and school bullying. Vantaa can start by eliminating biases in the city’s recruitment by applying blind recruitment measures.